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Go to the following URL, which is Graham Patterson's Mamiya TLR faq.


In short, the older design is 4 elements in 3 groups, and the new one 5 in 4. It's supposedly sharper, but I have the old 180 chrome lens, and it makes perfectly acceptable 15x15s. It takes a 49mm filter (which you've noticed by now), so it will take a 49mm Pentax lenshood meant for the 105 takumar, if you're looking for a cheap lens shade.

Thamks all for the info. I will agree, using other makers lens hoods works well with the TLR lens. I have a Nokor HN-2 (with 49 to 52 adapter) for my 65mm lens and it works well with no vignetting. I'll look into the Pentax Takky shade for the 180. I have 2 180s now, one has the auto cocking bar made for the C330, the other doesn't. I didn't know if this was the difference between the 2 . Thanks for the links.

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