I'd like to encourage you to submit links for our new Link Portal! The portal includes over 100 links right now, and we'd like it to feature many more.

If you haven't seen the portal yet, please check it out!


We're looking for all kinds of links that have something to do with traditional, analog photography. I'm sure you know about lots of web sites that feature fascinating photographs, techniques, and equipment. Please share those sites with all of our APUG members and guests!

It's easy to submit links! In the Link Portal, navigate to the place where you think the link should be (it's okay if you're not sure which category to put it in - just do your best), then click on "Add a Site" above the links. Add the basic information about the link, then click on the "Add Website" button at the bottom of the page. It's that easy!

Many thanks to those who have submitted links already! Please share more!