here is the message I was talking about for the electronic timer.

<<<I am offering a DIY timer kit for $28 plus actual shipping
<<<as a non-profit enterprise.

<<<The timer is a two digit unit with a range of 0.1 second to
<<<990. seconds.

<<<The kit contains all the key electronic items:
<<<Pre-programmed microprocessor
<<< Displays
<<< Keyswitches and keycaps
<<< Capacitors
<<< Transistors
<<< Ceramic crystal

<<<Documentation consists of operating instructions, construction
<<<tips and schematic.

<<<You will have to supply a wiring board. A single-sided PCB
<<<artwork is included. Wire-wrap can also be used for the project.
<<<Not included are parts most hobbyists have in their junque
<<<boxes: line cord, 6.3 v transformer, wire ....
<<<You will have to make your own enclosure.

<<<Enclosures, transformers and such are all available at
<<<Radio Shack & Co. at reasonable prices. Resistors and such
<<<are also available at Radio Shack, but they charge $.50 each
<<<for them when they cost $.01 each in bulk -- and so I am
<<<including all the (what should be/are) low-cost items in
<<<the kit.

<<<Please email back if you are interested or wish a copy of the
<<<timer description.

<<<Nicholas O. Lindan, Cleveland, Ohio
<<<Consulting Engineer: Electronics; Informatics; Photonics.>>>