I just got my special order from b&h last week. 12x16 glossy (slightly cheaper than 11x14, not sure why) and 20"x 30' roll glossy. I don't know about larger sizes and you won't know til you place an order and they hear back from Ilford/Harmon. I placed the order on april 3rd, so faster delivery than the 6-8 week estimate. It would be even faster if they shipped directly from England to me instead.
Free shipping for everything since some other items I ordered had free shipping. It's a great paper with a very bright white base, doesn't curl much, takes selenium well, and is readily available in sheets. If you want it, get some!

Earlier I tried placing an order for these items through freestyle but the email I got wasn't made me feel like I had two heads. I responded saying b&h has it listed on their site, "can you look into it?" but never got a response.

Oh, and that is a good size hole through the box.