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So I used the 105/2.5, the longest "tele" I had with me at the time.
I love my 105/2.5 Nikkor. It's a pre-AI version. So well used over the decades that the detents are almost gone. Closest thing to zero lens abberations that I have, and sharper than all get out. Just gorgeous in any early morning or late afternoon warm slanting light situation.

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Switched to spot meter and checked the range of light. Waaaaaay too high for Velvia 50: more than 5 stops.
OK, so I'm a home darkroom b&w kind of guy. My only forays into color over the years were Kodachrome. Since the Great Extinction I've only exposed three rolls of non-Kodak transparency film (some Provia 400). Never done Velvia, so I'm curious. If 5 stops is waaaaaay too many, how many would be just right? Four? Three? That doesn't sound like much to work with in any situation. Would fill-flash help? Or just be too noticable, even on a sunny day?