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I was working. Why is her work more important than mine? This is EXACTLY the same as if I walked up to her while she was shooting, and asked her to leave immediately so I could use the spot to write, something which I would never do. Today some people came by and were taking pictures of another couple, and I happily moved a few feet without even being asked, to remove myself from their frame. But shut down my computer, pack up my notebooks that are sprawled about, put my laptop back in its case, untie my dog and and move for a pushy person who thinks she is entitled? I'll never do it again. I've also been paid for photography so I'm a professional photographer too, and I would never act entitled to a public place.
hi wayne

sorry for my tone in my post,
i didn't mean to suggest that what you were doing
wasn't important, or that her work was more important than yours
or that she was acting professionally ...
but in the end, it was only a few minutes that you lost.

i hope you were able to finish what you were writing after
you were allowed to sit down again. sometimes a short break
gives the distance needed to find the right words &c
back in the days i was writing long dense papers, i didn't have a laptop
but papers, books xeroxes notes and junk spread out where i was camped out.
i was asked to move once in a while, l left a notebook out and as i was packing up all my junk
and moved to another place my mind was still digesting the stuff i was reading & thinking about
so when i finally sat down and sprawled again, i had more notes to write &c.

not quite the same thing, i was a guest in another university's library borrowing space, not in a public space ...
and it was a drag to collect my stuff and lug it somewhere else, but in the end it didn't really matter ...
i liked to study/write where i was, and i knew that id be asked to move from time to time ...
(and if i didn't comply i probably would have been asked to leave, and not return )