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What do you guys think for Rodinal development times? +3 minutes over Tmax 1:4, with 1:50? I'm going to have to do some test clips instead of entire rolls I think... I keep taking some pictures I like or care about ha!
I have never used Rodinal, but just looking at the math by extrapolating data from the massive dev chart, you said previous that, "I'd say in the 5.75-6.00 minutes is PERFECT at EI25.", so when I find a film that is done at 6 mins in Tmax 1:4, that same film in Rodinal 1:50 would go for 9 mins. So at a quick back of the envelope, I think you are close thinking +3 mins from your established 5.5-6 min Tmax 1:4, would be close'ish, depending on the type of day, I think I would go towards longer if the day was overcast vs shorter for a bright day. But again, never used Rodinal so I am not much help except purely theoretical. By the way I got these extrapolated numbers by looking at Adox CHS 50 in Tmax 1:4 6 mins and when dev'd in Rodinal 1:50 it said 9. Rough math....but maybe a starter point?

Have a blast, this film is sure fun! You going to yellow filter it too?