After years of experimenting with different combinations, I've come up with my classic 3 lens travel kit:
20mm (or 18, 19 or 21mm, depending on the system).
Short tele (85-105mm, depending on the system).

In Nikkor terms, the 20mm 2.8 is very good and I liked the 35mm 2.0 much better than the 1.4.
The 105mm 2.5 is a lovely lens, but relatively big and heavy for its FL (at least my AI version is a monster!). One of the 85mms might make a better travel lens.

The 200mm 4.0 is also a lovely lens and is small for its FL, though that would be a fourth lens.
In my experience, when I carried a 180/200mm with when travelling, the extra weight usually outweighed ( ) the additional photos it allowed. YMMV!