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I am a newbie to analogue (or should I say a returnee!) My father has just given my son a Rolleiflex Tessar 1958 - he said there might be a film in it and I think there is but the number on the side reads zero, I opened it and there is light grey paper with holes and numbers covering where the film should go (I imagine)..I cannot wind the film through....all I want to do is remove the film and take it to someone for developng. Help please?
That grey paper is the paper backing to the film. While I would check an instruction manual, close the back and attempt to release the shutter (I'm not sure how, but it will be the only soft button on the camera), then wind the film. Don't worry, you've already exposed the film to light, so you're not wasting it. It was probably so old that it went bad anyway.