Thanks for clarifying. I thought it had something to do with laser light.

Does the added red sensitivity make the paper panchromatic? And, in your opinion, would it be suitable for using C-41 color material to make prints using standard transmission light in a standard enlarger?

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The Harmon paper is basically a grade 3 gallerie emulsion with an red sensitivity to be sensitive to RGB lasers.
Agfa Classic or the Adox version was initially the only paper we found that would work with the lasers, then Harmon repurposed the Gallerie paper and its the version we use since Agfa went out of business and Mirko has not been able to offer a roll version in footage worth purchasing..
The RC version I believe is an adaptation of the Ilford mg4 with red sensitivity added.

I think its a matter of changing the emulsions to accept laser light , not really an issue of needing very strong light sources.