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I'm going to be in Eastern-ish Europe for a couple weeks and I'm trying to figure out what lenses to bring. I'll be shooting almost all Tri-X, maybe some Ektachrome 100G (Bringing a Canon Powershot 630A for the "color" stuff if we have to have some snaps.) I'm traveling very light and want one camera and perhaps three lenses. I have some Nikkors and can get my hands on just about anything I don't have. I'm only interested in B&W street stuff but my wife is an architect and she'll want elevation shots and maybe details.

What has worked for you? I'm thinking 50/1.4, 28/2.8, 20/2.8 and mmmmaybe a 105 because I can't imagine not having one. A 200/4 is pretty light, but...

Open to any thoughts,

I spent a month in Germany with a Nikon F, LunaSix, and 35/50/105 lenses. Worked very well, except there were about 4 pictures that I wanted a 28 for.