Yet another update...

Thanks to Dan and Silke, we will have a model on hand for people to work with on a scheduled basis. There is a fee involved with this and the procedure will be outlined in the next newsletter. The model will be available for 1 hour blocks of time and the schedule will be limited.

Also, thanks to Dan, I've been in contact with Andrew Moore of "Detroit Disassembled" fame. He is in fact coming this year and has graciously agreed to do one of our informal presentations. I'll let you know more as it develops, but I hope you'll join me in a big photostock welcome for Andrew. It will be a treat to have him.

I'm also pleased to announce that our very own Suzanne Revy will be giving a presentation this year as well. Finally meeting Suzanne after all these years is going to be a thrill for me, not to mention seeing her wonderful body of work. I know a lot of us have never had the chance and it will be great t have her here this year.

To top it all off, there will be demonstrations from Mark Fisher on his experiences with lith printing, a pin-up shooting demo led by James Mullineaux as well as demos in the wet plate and polymer photogravure processes. Several other surprises are in the works as well so stay tuned. Another newsletter will be going out soon to all who have registered. If not registered you can do it HERE.