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It is hard to change a pessimist's mind. Everyone knows that film does not enjoy the huge market share it used to but it is still nice to know that some companies continue to make money producing and selling it. I found the news regarding medium format and large format to be encouraging as I am beginning to find that I enjoy using those formats as well. At least I won't have to put those cameras behind glass cases immediately.

Now, just as I have started to pick on the pessimist, the other shoe drops. If discretionary spending continues to drop off, as some are predicting will continue to happen, I suspect that the true challenges for film producers may only be starting. Hmmm...time to begin learning how to make and develop my own emulsions.
Realism=pessimism for some around here. Fact is, the good news in the PDN article has to improve and continue to improve over 2-3 years for it to matter to the industry. It's the trend, not the episodic data, that will affect the price and availability of film. That's the take-home message repeated throughout the article--like it or not.