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Are you familiar with William Eggleston? There's a great documentary about him, a British TV production, and he has this 'promise' to himself to never shoot the same thing more than once, because he ends up being too confused in choosing what to print if there's more than one negative of each - i.e. which is best.
I'm not saying you're wrong with your 'different angles' (this is subjective, after all), but I thought I would provide a counter argument to your idea, just for fun of discussing it.
I think I'm generally on board with Eggleston's theory. Shooting the same subject with different lenses sounds pretty boring to me. I rarely switch lenses when I'm out and about. But I often change lenses before I pack my bag. It just makes life more interesting to work with different tools.

Also I still do slide shows for the family. Close-ups, landscape, people, I like to mix it up for the audience. It's all good, I was just pointing out one aspect.