The RA-4 Control Strips show that the print process (with starter included) plot within aim and control at 83, 88, and 94 degrees F, the rest do not. The alternative process plots within aim and control, but the yellow patch shows significant retained silver due to the incorrect bleach and fix steps used.

The base of the film shows a marked staining toward green and brown in the alternate process when visually compared to the film base of the C-41 processed films. Ektar showed significantly more staining than the Portra. The increased contrast in the negatives are most likely due to the extended development times, which were, quite frankly, a guess since it is not a standard process.

From what I can see in the prints themselves is a slight crossover in the alternate print made from the C-41 negative giving her skin a slightly yellowish color while making the shadows a little more blue, though not much. It was the correct developer, just more dilute, the retained silver did not have much effect in contrast, but that may be why her skin is off rather than crossover. The alternate film process, however, shows significant color crossover in the blue layer. Her skin is strongly yellow in comparison and the shadows get much more blue as evidenced in the utility meter in the bottom right corner. Saturation is also slightly lower, even with the higher contrast. The shadows in the brick in the upper left corner also get more blue. If I correct for the blue shadows, I get a much more yellow neutral card and skin tone. The alternate negative and print combination compound the issues even more. Looking at the Y-55 plot points for the film, you can clearly see the blue layer charting way off the reservation.