Dear fellow APUGs, I have just found this forum yesterday and it appears to be a very fantastic place

I am 32 and love photography. I shoot a digital pentax K5 with a couple of old primes and I also shoot a Rolleicord Vb and a Mamiya 645 Pro TL.

My goal is to keep improving and eventually develop my own style. I love taking photos of people and creating imaginative scenes. Most of all I love interacting with a camera, twisting dials...etc... and I love how it engages me when I think about a shot and how I can capture something beautiful. I also love the way film renders feel in an image, my mamiya has a milky blur to the bokeh and my rolleicord makes light look like a fine mist; beautiful.

I would love to meet similar people like myself to share my passion with. For those interested:

My online gallery is:

I also write a blog about my experiences with photography:

Happy Shooting everyone!