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I have never tested the paper under an enlarger to see its response to colour neg or bw neg for that matter.. I suspect it would be very much like a grade 4 paper, remember the calibration step is done to lay down tone before any files are printed so the computer adjusts itself to the emulsion it is trying to activate. Meaning contrast/density control is done before the paper is given any images to print.
Selectol soft (ok, off brand equivalent) and/or Beers or water bath - I could probably live with grade 4 if that's all that was available. I could for-sure live with grade 3. That would be my preference in a graded paper in only one grade anyway. In my experience most C41 is pretty tonally soft the impression of contrast coming more from the color contrast anyway. It's easy to swing a half grade each way with development controls, and it's rare I ever need anything softer than 2.5.

Yes please Simon if this is just red-sensitive Galerie that will work for optical printing of C41 negatives let us have it in sheets!