The article is moderately interesting reading. It is though very US- and Kodak-centric. Here and there in Australia a smaller market, I've learned that E6 and C41 is on the rise and has been for about 14 months or so now. This may not correlate to big film sales, but possibly the use of latent stocks of film, uptake of students or what, I don't know. What is very important is to take such stories as just another piece of information floating about the web. Nothing will buoy the long-term survival (availability is a better word!) of film better than going out there and using it in film cameras, processing it in traditional or poly-hybridised workflow, printing and framing and telling all that only film endures, which it does in truth.

Melbourne, Australia, has a thriving APUG group that gathers maybe a few times each year for outings. Good on you up in Toronto for getting the mechanics of a group meet-up and outing organised. This is what APUG is for, networking and discovering what others are doing. With film.