Agree with Matt. I get into Glazer's Camera every so often when I'm in Seattle.

Across the street in the older analog building, for those who know it. There's always lots of people in there. Or at least lots more than there used to be. The odd thing is, they're always young people. And not young only in comparison to me. College-age young. I feel out of place. Or out of generation.

One young lady saw me rummaging through the Omega enlarger accessory drawers and struck up a nice darkroom conversation. It was a good afternoon. Not only did I get to spend pleasant time with her, but I scored a brand new Omega 6x6 Rapid Shift Glass Carrier for my D5-XL on top of it. She was carrying a brand new Mamiya 7II/80mm outfit. Could'a bought a nice digital camera for that price, said I. Not interested, said she...

Nice to see analog in a continuing cautious rebound these days.


P.S. Maybe some day we'll bump into each other at Glazer's? Or Kenmore Camera?