Some of you might have seen my post about building a 5" x 4" (or 4" x 5" if you must) folding camera.

I have a spare set of bellows for my DeVere enlarger which would be perfect for a 5" x 7" camera fixed in horizontal format only (the DeVere was sold as a 5x4 enlarger but could just about do 5" x 7").

After a bit of thinking and lots of sketching, I decided that it would be possible to make a camera around these bellows with multiple backs: Fixed horizontal 5" x 7", Horizontal or vertical 5" x 4" and horizontal only 6cm x 17cm on 120 film.

Does anything like this already exist? I have seen a couple of horizontal only 5" x 7" cameras, I think one was a Wista.

Whilst I'm making one camera, I might as well make two! I was debating over which style of front standard support mechanism to use, Wista or Chamonix, now I can make one of each!