Latest picture updates of the construction. Again, for the details and more pictures, see Anton's blog about The Photo Palace bus and all the work they are doing. They've been making some great progess the past week. Some stuff of the enterior is now in the process of being finished. See some of the beautiful woodwork / tabletops and flooring now installed. This is not just a functional solution, but it looks great as well. They also try to recycle / retains as much of the bus' details as possible, see the use of one of the Gillig bus outside stop lights as darkroom warning light inside the bus.

Darkroom wall with electric in it, this was sealed off after the picture. A sign of attention to detail.

Stop light of bus now serving as darkroom warning light.

Hole being cut in roof of bus for installation of darkroom venting.

Ventilation tube installed.

Flooring and tabletops.