Addressing Vaughn's point a bit.

One of the matt's you are using is not an archival matt and it seems to me that you are striving for excellence in printing with some of the threads I have been part of of late.
Today and for a few years to come that matt does not present any issues towards your print so if it is for short term display then my concern does not matter.
But if you plan to hang that print and not touch , in about 30 years the materials could indeed start attacking your image. The same apply's if you are using cardboard in your frame or even masking tape.

At our frame shop we have no coloured matts and it has been a very rare time a client has pushed us to use one, actually I cannot remember the last time.
What surrounds your image can/will possibly cause damage to a perfectly processed silver print.

When I first started making silver prints , I had absolutely no clue about framing and some of the prints I gave my brothers and father have been reframed 35 years later and the damage bad framing has been seen , the main culprit is cardboard as a packing substrate.

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Nicely done, tho it seems unfortunate that the "almond" board is not solidly colored and has instead a white core. A bit picky of me, and probably really not a real issue -- just something that caught my eye.