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I balk at paying someone $10 to develop a roll of color film for me.
I only recommend W*lM*rt for the processing service.

The Photo*Centers in the two local stores charge $2.95 to process and print 120.

I've never been able to get a definite answer on where the film is sent.
I was told that some items get sent to Dwaynes, and some get sent to a {FujiLab}
in New Jersey. Unfortunately, they don't scan 120, it would be nice to be able to
get a CD for a few more Dollar$ ...

I would never purchase anything else from W*lM*rt, except a $5.00 FootLong from
the Subway Shop, it's usually a 15 - 30 minute wait to find someone to locate the
film, and be able to pay, and get on my way. Hopefully your results may vary.