The odd thing is, they're always young people...
It seems to me that it's a lot of the older folk (speaking about amatuer photographers, here) who have completely jumped to the digtible side. Younger people don't seem to be as intensly committed that side of the fence. My teenage and early twenties daughters will often grab one of our SLR's, head out with a roll of 36 and come back having shot it all and then off with dad to process. And they often shoot some pretty good stuff - imagewise that is. They usually get me to scan the negs to post online, but sometimes they ask to print with the enlarger. Phones, of course, are used for snapshots. Each of them has a nice digisnapper but they don't really seem to get used that much any more.

Ham radio seems to be much the same, the older guys are going for the SDRs and the really high priced gear. Younger guys are often not that impressed and very happy with the older rigs.

Maybe it's like older fellows and vettes.

Has anyone else noticed this trend? Sounds like some of you have.