Thank you. I am thinking, from reading product literature and listening to you and Bob (who do this for business), my use of Crest Select or Bainbridge Alphamat is sufficiently good enough. If I had ready access to better materials, I wouldn't hesitate to use them and at the quantity I am needing, price difference plays minor role in decision making.

I use all 3 types of mats you sell but I only use paper mat for very limited purposes such as showing someone my portfolios. I never permanently mount anything in these. In fact, all of them have photo corners and they are tossed when they get dirty.

It'll be really great if you can figure out a way to ship small quantity of mat boards inexpensively then I'd buy from your rag board each and every time. I'm sure you've already tried though. Right now, I'm limited to what I can buy locally. Anyway, thank you for the education.

By the way, I spent 6 weeks and many MANY hours of work on this print stressing over every step. In the big scheme of things; however, I doubt there is any value to my prints. So far, no museums have called and my phone has been turned on...