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Here is what I come up with:

Those three were taken (accidentally) as ISO 400. Recently lost ISO dial plate from my OM1n and was trying to mark/match iso 50, 100 and 400 positions with other OM1n and forgot to return back to ISO 50..

Developed in Fomadon R09 / 1:100 / 60 minutes / 20c (68f), agitation for first 30 seconds, then stand for 59 1/2 min, then stop bath, kodak fixer for 8 minutes, zonal archival wash and kodak photo flo with 2-3 washes in between chemicals..

First part of the film was shoot as ISO 50 and those frame come up extremely overexposed. I tried to do my best manipulating brightens / contrast in photo editing app:
Thanks for these tasters, I hope my roll comes with Friday's mail, and all the other things listed yesterday - Your pix make the film look nicely nasty, just what I want - The flare on the car window is perfect for my planned nasty snaps with my 1936 un-coated Retina-Xenar to be a foil the to the oh-so-perfect big prints from 10x8" negs through my 12 years older 36cm Heliar- The concern I have is that viewers may prefer the fast snapshot-doco of the naked portraits being made to the big prints themselves - But that is a chance I will take

(Next problem is where to show this work - Apart from my wife Rae's gallery near Pemberton Mountford Gallery I no longer plan to have any exhibitions in Australia - This is because my fine print sales are all going to Asia or South America with only one sale so far this year within Australia - Australians in general are too stupid and visually illiterate to understand photography)