Yashica FX-103 with Yashica ML 50 1.9 c lens - free for a donation to APUG. You don't owe me anything. I'll cover shipping (US only). You decide how much you want to donate. I don't need to know.

I got this body along with a lens I wanted and the lens along with another body, so they are just extra parts I don't need.

I believe everything is working and usable as-is, but far from perfect.

The shutter fires, the film advances. The meter works, but batteries will not be included. The glass is clear. The diaphragm looks fine.

The outer surface of the leather is peeling off (like most Yashica and Contax cameras of this vintage). The light seals and mirror bumper should probably be replaced, but I think are OK for now. The "c" version of this lens has a plastic lens mount and the notch in the flange that locks is worn, so it doesn't lock securely, but it's not going to fall off.