There you go Frank, you have been introduced to what passes for a bloodbath flame-war here on APUG.
Someone pipes up and demands that this site must be both digital and analog because they like digital. Others explain that they also shoot digital but this particular site was created specifically as an alternative to to the many, many sites on the web that welcome and encourage digital discussions. The original poster starts squealing that he is being victimized and abused, that everyone here are anti-digital luddite elitists, and then comes up with the brilliantly clever and unique (Oh no, not again :rolleyes: ) notion that because analog photos have to be digitized in order to be posted in the gallery, APUG is therefore duty-bound to accept Photoshopped digital creations of every kind.

It pretty much happens every week or two. Trolling is the unfortunate annoying background noise of even the best sites. You'll soon get sick of it. Learning to use use the recently implemented "Ignore Thread" can improve the APUG experience dramatically.

Welcome. This is a great community to discuss film photography and darkroom.