24 from 30 so far

I have been as poor noting the arrivals and I was getting this round of prints done. But as mentioned earlier prints out, and now to note the 16 new arrivals.

drpsilver - Me, the bean, Chicago.
steelbar - Abandoned school.
delphine - Brighton Marina.
Nige - View from front veranda.
bluejeh2 - Building in a ghost town.
bluejeh - Coffee carafe.
Winger - Leaves.
Trond - Bird.
markbarendt - Oahu North Shore.
kraker - Winter landscape.
crispinuk - Ginger Flower.
George Nova Scotia - Daylily, Duck Duck Goose, CATV tower.
andrew.vartabedian - Exposed valve spring.
hoffy - Huddle of humpies.
Derek Lofgreen - Lava Arch.
Kc2edh - Strength of Irene.
ccross - Canopy of Leaves

Thanks everyone for some truely memorable cards.