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is THAT what that is..ok, that's the best diagram ever. It truly is an amazing trick, the 30 sec time, yes. I have an old polaroid Land which came with the cold clip, I always half wondered whether that diagram was alluding to putting the print into that and letting it develop.
How does everyone else actually develop theirs though? Do you do the under the arm thing when it's cold?
I have never shot FP3000B or FP100C in really cold conditions, but Polaroid used to make an accessory called the Cold Clip. It was a slightly curved device consisting of two bits of aluminum. The idea was that you kept that next to your body, and when the film came out you sandwiched it in the cold clip while it developed.

Pocket or under the arm would work just as well, but the cold clip supposedly gave the film "Even temperature." YOu can probably find a CC on eBay if you're really interested.

As an aside: Yes, the 15-30s dev time really is incredible. I usually let the film develop a little longer than it says, just because I'm paranoid I counted short or missed numbers