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I use ultrafine sharpies, and similar permanent markers to write the information directly on the margin of the negative. Harder to lose it that way, and it shows up on contact prints.
When shooting with my good camera, I keep my notebook and notes including filters, exposure settings, development times, dilution, etc. just so I know what I did and I do find it a source of information for refining my technique (it was one of the reasons I switched to 1:1 dilution instead of stock). When using my walk-around camera, I write on the top of the sheet the development times so I know but I don't have a notebook. Now that I am moving into large-format, I think I want to keep the additional information but I don't know if the negative sheet will give me all of the information I want to keep. As well, as much as I know I should, I really hate doing contact sheets.