Lost one. I am disappointed to say Dan Henderson had to cancel

Gained one. Loren Sattler of Toledo asked to join us.

Looking forward to seeing you Dale (ic-racer).

Lots of old friends and new people to meet.

Jeff thanks for the car pooling. You are welcome to use the darkroom any time after 9 AM. Since you know the way to Fry’s farm we may take who ever is ready over to the farm. The Frys are expecting us between 9:30 and 10 AM. We won’t rush you. You can join us when ready. When rushed I always try to put film in upside down and sideways.

I just mowed a long parking strip beside the driveway by the second house.

Someone asked what we use for mosquito protection. We invite lots of people over who stand around talking. It reduces the odds that we will be bitten.

We have had very good luck with “OFF Deep Woods Towelettes 25% Deet.” We buy the little packets in boxes at the grocery store. I am guessing they are also sold at sporting departments or stores. I have been using them for hikes and photography ever since Bill Schwab recommended them for the 2007 Photostock.

Got to go mow some grass. We have good company coming Friday.