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Agreed for 5/ 19. Time and exact location - CGW since you are familiar with the area, what is a good location to meet? easy to find also.
For now, let's say the NW corner of Keele and Dundas. Just look for Tri-X wrappers, slightly deranged types loitering with cameras, tripods, and light meters, muttering about Rodinal. You'll find us.

There's metered parking along Dundas--just bring a pocket of change--at least $5-$7. We can always move later down Dundas W, south of Bloor into Roncy Village--there's a good bar, "The Local," next to the Revue Cinema, on Roncevalles s. of Howard Park.

Time? Not sure where everyone's coming in from--late morning(10:30-11), or early aft.(12-1)?