I began with 35 mm and a couple of years thereafter moved into medium format. (Bronica Etrs). I still have that system today and haven't made an exposure in almost 12 years with that system. I have a complement of lenses from 40 mm to 500 mm. The advantage to a system such as this is the interchangeability of lenses, finders, and backs. Leaf shutters in the lenses allow sync speed flexibility. It is, to me, a super sized 35 mm system with some bells and whistles. The negative size is almost three times the size of 35 mm. For budgetary considerations, I felt it an attractive alternative to a 2 1/4 square system. Conventional enlarging paper would normally involve cropping some part off the square negative or off the paper. I have shot LF and ULF exclusively for some time now. However, I must admit, that I have thought of putting a 150 mm lens on the Bronica with a waist level finder and doing "street photography". Something about that sounds like a nice break for me.