Some requests:

The grass across the drive from our house belongs to my mother in-law. It is so wet from the rains that I was unable to mow it. The garden tractor sank in. I have put up posts and yellow tape to avoid tearing up the yard when parking cars. Please drive down the gravel drive to the next house. I have mowed the edge of the field across from the next house so that you can parallel park then walk up to our house.

Savannah the Labrador that used to swim, jump, bring you a stick, ball or apple to throw is now 13. On pure adrenalin she will jump around for you, but collapse when you turn your head. Please pat her, let her have her dignity, but don’t throw things for her. There are two other younger girls that will be happy to wear you out.

We have a lot of poison ivy around here, not just the three leaves and a thread of a vine you know about. Our poison ivy or poison something can have vines up to two inches thick and leaves as large as your hand. Don’t go in our woods. If you realize you have touched three leaves of any size you supposedly have 15 minutes to wash it off with soap. We have a bar of soap above the kitchen sink that is supposed to be for poison ivy. Come use it please. No promises, but it might help.

Have a great time. Be careful out there and enjoy.

John & Dolly