Great shots, but I'm not that sure that your lab is doing a great job!
Perhaps it's just due to the scanning, but the first picture has something of the "vertical-run-120-film-developing-desease" i.e. tendency of overdeveloping right and left edges of the film due to inadequate agitation. Perhaps there is some light coming in both from left and right, hard to tell, it just looks like a common fault (not that uncommon that photographers working with vertical run middle format cameras show landscape pictures were it seems as if the sun shines both from left and right - had several myself, therefore quite sensible for this tendency!)
But, also, perhaps due to the scan, there seems to be some unevenness in the sky, some tight vertical streaks.
Take a closer look at your negs - but hopfully just a scanner/upload effect!
Welcome to the Hasselblad family!