I am always checking the clearance page at Freestyle, and noticed that they had ISO 400 Metal cassettes on clearance a month or so back. I ordered some and was surprised that they sent them to me as packs of 5.

The ISO 100 ones are also on that page. I decided to ask what we could get with the ISO codding. One of my Canon Cameras will blink "ISO" on the display if it can't read the cartridge. (even if the speed has been manually set! )

Word I got back from Good old Marv, is that ALL the metal reusable cassettes are going away, and they will only have plastic ones from now on.

I gave up using the plastic ones years ago as they are prone to develop light leaks where the cap joins the felt.

I asked about DX labels and they are not planning any. (I went to a good deal of trouble one time to get a friend in the UK get me some of the labels that are sold in the UK, and found that they are a bit flimsy to be reliable. Porters Cameras in the US also sells some but the barriers to ordering are too much)

Anyone have ideas on substitutes. I know some folks just extract the leader when processing the crimped cassettes and splice the bulk film on but I don't really trust that method. I am using Canon EOS cameras these days, (Auto Focus is a boon to 50 year old plus eyes) so I have to be sure that my bulk rolls are sturdy enough that the camera will rewind at the end properly, without rewinding before the end..