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Freestyle is merely passing along the added fees they must pay to ship harmful chems overseas. You want to bitch at somebody for fees, look to your government for imposing them in the first place, not to mention the shipping companies adding fees for handling hazardous materials.
Absolute rubbish.

I was actually referring to the $28 "handling fee", reported to me in an email from Freestyle's Customer Service Manager, for boxes of Ilford ULF film. In fact, the email confirmed that it is charged on ALL transactions.

It has nothing to do with either chemical transportation costs, nor my government imposing charges. If you had half a clue about this latter claim, you would realise that it is a cost imposed at our boarder, not at point of sale, and would be included in the International component of the postage costs (i.e. not the $28 initial charge).

It is about Freestyle posting headline rates, then gouging bullshit fees based on alleged handling fees.

So, perhaps check your facts next time before chirping this sort of misinformed junk.