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It is about you! You are the future!
This is the real story. The first criticism that says you need to develop technique and concept, well that sounds damning on the surface. But if you can twist it around to mean you are "just starting out and have unlimited potential"...

cliveh, here on this forum, is a teacher who conceptually works as Henri-Cartier Bresson but lately has been trying new things I imagine like Wynn Bullock's color abstractions might have been... Maybe you can take a class from him during your schooling - if not formally - maybe through correspondence. I hope I'm not being presumptuous but travel to learn from different teachers would be a good thing for an art student.

I have a friend, a sculptor, who takes amazing pictures with his iPhone. I recently discovered a third generation photographer who is covering the same territory of his forbears (his grandfather was known to develop E6 4x5 in the basement), but this grandson is using non-analog techniques. He revisits amazing scenery trying again and again to get it right. Both these photographers are today shaking my idea of what constitutes fine art.