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Thanks guys! I was staying at "The Tower Hotel" so tok the opportunity. The photos were taken from the south side of the river.

It's a scan of the film conducted by the lab. They do a "standard" scan service for £4 a film, or a "high-res and corrected" scan for about £15 a film. This is a standard scan - the prints themselves look better still, as you can probably imagine! I don't know about the developer - I am afraid to say I don't develop my own medium format. I send them off to "The Darkroom UK" in Chelmsford, UK. You could always ask them direct - I'm sure they'd tell you. They seem to do a good job with my Fuji films.
This page seems to give some hints about the developer they are using: http://www.the-darkroom.co.uk/frames/Abwfilm2010.html

Looks like X-Tol or T-Max.