Any camera which only has automatic exposure without manual compensation has a flawed design: the engineer designed it right, and the marketing department made it "easy to use" and "not intimidating for the inexperienced".
(And I own and use one of those cameras, the Yashica T3, only because I never found a camera with the same qualities and some form of exposure compensation. Should try the Olympus XA I suppose).

Any camera where the designer gave up on placing the viewfinder on the edge of the camera (like in a rangefinder) shows lack of effort.
Where am I supposed to put my nose while looking inside my SLR viewfinder? Do I really have to spread my nose on the back of the camera and rotate my eye to look inside a viewfinder?

I know it's complicated, but do invent something!

Two hypothesis:

Cartridge and Receiving roll on the same side of the camera, to the right. Mirror box entirely on the left. Film makes a "turn" and comes back! Camera a bit thick but not so large.

Mirror box on the center, Porro prism to move the viewfinder to the side.

I said.