I second the general train of ideas expressed by Blansky and add that if you die young your works will certainly have more value in the market, but you have to generate some heirs beforehand and it all will be lost to the State.
You should preferably die of an overdose of alcohol and benzodiazepine, or maybe glue solvents, that kind of stuff. Cocaine is obviously utterly banal and might even damage your posthumous reputation.

Before that, remember to impress the buyers: wearing sport shoes with a tight doesn't work any more. Try a bathrobe. When they ask you, say "I am an admirer of Marat". Don't worry, they won't know Marat.

If you have hairs, you should paint them alternatively with all primary subtractive colours or all primary addictive colours. Don't mix them up, as you'll be making "a statement about the importance of colour in our visual perception of things" and " showing practically how colours are always in the head of the visual artist".

Being homosexual is a bit too exploited. I suggest going to a vernissage with your goat and introducing it as "your fiancÚ" specifying it's a male goat obviously lest they think you are a conformist.

Above all don't let anybody suspect you are normal