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It's very difficult for a photograph to be art. This has always been true, but now it's much harder. The plethora of good images has increased not by careful and intentional design but by monkeys at the typewriter. With a limit of 36 exposures to work with (or even less for MF and LF work) each image on film needs to be carefully considered or you're either documenting what is (which is totally fine, but it's not art) or you're just plain wasting film. The exception there is when you are documenting extraordinary events, lives, or places.
I truly disagree.

it is relatively easy for most any medium to be made into art. The craft of photography is mature, it's qualities are understood, teachable, and repeatable. Same is true of painting, metal working, marble work...

What is tough is evoking emotion and marketing the work, that's where being on the fringe helps.