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One rule is that you get hit with a $28 bullshit charge for "handling", then the International rates get added...
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...I was actually referring to the $28 "handling fee", reported to me in an email from Freestyle's Customer Service Manager, for boxes of Ilford ULF film. In fact, the email confirmed that it is charged on ALL transactions...
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...be subject to the additional $28 gouge...
You continue condemning the decision of an independent business to charge a fee it considers appropriate remuneration for whatever its employees do when shipping packages to your country. But you won't describe any less expensive locally available alternatives as previously requested:

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What charges do Tetenal dealers in Oz add? How does the total cost of Tetenal chemicals purchased locally compare to buying them from Freestyle?

Rather than hurling epithets at Freestyle for its business decisions, why not vote with your Oz dollars? The world's a competitive place. If you and enough others there patronize local retailers instead, then notify Freestyle of the reason for your approach, it could encourage them to lower or eliminate the handling charge. On the other hand, if there are no Tetenal distributors/dealers on Oz, it might be better to say "thank you, Freestyle" rather than griping about the cost of your only means to obtain a non-essential product.
OK, prove your point to Freestyle. Make no purchases there. That'll show 'em.