I'm thinking of building myself a stereoscopic camera - just for the fun of it - and I have a pretty simple design that shouldn't be too much trouble once I have the parts.

The design will be built around the back of either a 6x9 or 9x12 plate camera back, this is so I can use either paper negs, roll film or use the instant back I modded and have instant 3d prints. Basically my plan is to built a box with the 2 lenses (off 2 old 6x9 folders) at the front and then just attach it to the already assembled back. The front will be split down the middle with a piece card or thin wood so that each lens will only exposes half the frame. Doing it this way will give me 2 images on the same frame so I won't have to mount them side by side later.

The thought I had then today would be, what if I added a tilt to the lenses - anybody know if this has been done or if it will enhance or hinder the effect of the 3D.

Any other problems you might foresee in my design, let me know.