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Rules are for the guidance of the wise and the blind obedience of fools.
This is a great point.

I would also say that most people try to be good at the wrong rules, as blansky suggests above;

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That's because photographers are trying to be good at it. A total waste of time.

You're far better off the fuck up the exposure, fuck up the focus, fuck up the shift/tilts, if you're anal enough to have them, and then fuck up the developing.

Once you have the developed negative place it carefully on floor and place your foot on it, turn on Chubby Checker and do the twist with it.

When you print it, make an hack, amateur print and develop it in the wrong shit.

And viola.

You be an artiste.

And wear a cape.
Being normal is a commodity, being different is value added.

Being different is a performance, Adams was there once, but once established and refined to fit the rules of commerce that character becomes a trademark and one's bread and butter. In time possibly even the norm.

To be blunt, it's no longer tough for people so inclined to travel to almost anywhere in this world and take a well focused, sharp, long DOF, landscape shot, and manipulate the tones.