OK you know the story - way too many random photo projects, not enough hours in the day, not enough room in the house. I figured I'd see if anyone else had more interest in playing with this. It is a sequence camera, originally designed for, of all things, checking golf swings. A golf pro could snap a photo of someone's swing on Polaroid 57 and a minute later he's studying it with them. It's in fairly pristine shape, with case and 13 sheets left of a box of 20 Polaroid 57 that was still good when I played with it a couple of years ago. My longer term plan was to use a regular 4x5 film holder and push the crap out of some Tri-X or something, since Polaroid 57 (ISO 3000) is getting a little hard to come by. It's just a Polaroid 545i holder slipped into it, so that comes out and you could put any 4x5 holder in there in its place.

The two adjustments are aperture and time between snaps, so you could shoot in bright light and use the "Dull light" aperture and not have to push the Tri-X quite so hard.

It comes with everything you see in the pictures - camera with 545i, case, 13 sheets of 57. It also comes with the manual except right now that is in a box somewhere in a storage unit (I'm sort of mid-move between houses) so I'd just have to send that to you someday once I unpack it... but the camera is pretty self-evident to use. In the next post, I'll put an example picture I shot with it of my son swinging a lacrosse stick.

I'd like to get $75 plus shipping for it. Let's just call it $15 UPS shipping in the US, or I'll figure it out for international destinations.