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You continue condemning the decision of an independent business to charge a fee it considers appropriate remuneration for whatever its employees do when shipping packages to your country. But you won't describe any less expensive locally available alternatives...OK, prove your point to Freestyle. Make no purchases there. That'll show 'em.
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...Unfortunately, Ilford does not have a local supplier participating in the ULF run, so I am forced to use an offshore supplier...
No, ULF film is not a requirement for life, so you're not actually forced to use any supplier. However, if you desire the film, there are quite a few alternatives. See pages 2 through 5 on the attachment for 17 others worldwide you can choose from. Compare their charges for orders shipped to Oz with Freestyle's. A better approach in venues such as this might be to praise retailers you view as superior rather than knocking one you don't like.

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...It is the gouging of a randomly decreed "handling" fee based on being an international buyer that I find objectionable. No other company I deal with does it, and, as such, I will now look elsewhere for my purchases wherever possible.
Again, if no other company has concluded it must charge such a fee, why not patronize those preferred alternative suppliers? Isn't that what I suggested in the first place?