One of the happiest moments of my 63 years of photography was to take twenty some Apug photographers from five states to a place where I have made 100 images in the last 1 ½ years. Then as they ranging from amateur to pro, 35mm to 11x14 format, spread out, finding the subjects I had found, I got to watch their faces light up, their excitement build and their mouths flap as they discovered what a wonderful source this was. I wandered from guest to guest reveling in their delight as they set up equipment and compositions, watched their friends do the same, and wonder if they could make this picture and get to the next before the beautiful light changed. Then I watched our host, the builder of this 1800s farm museum, fall in love with Charlie’s wet plate gear, completing the give and take circle of happiness.

If that were not enough for a wonderful day, two of my three Labradors took advantage of their freedom and the commotion of the party. They took a hike. Only the kindness of an unknown couple, two miles away, saved the day as they lured the girls in with biscuits, called the phone numbers on their collars and waited for the jailer’s wagon to bring the runaways home.

Thank you for this day.

John Powers