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Thank you for comments next step - find correct delution / timing for stand development. Looking at my first "experient" I think I will try something like r09 1:200 / 60 minutes.

Have to add one thing.. Picture were Taken with my now-favorite Mamiya ZE. Those little cameras the same as entire E series mamiya lenses are very underestimated. They are pretty rare to find but go for close to nothing.. 50mm f2 is really sharp and makes amazing foggy bokeh on full open.

Very nice. I have a Mamiya 500TL with the 50/2.0. Cannot remember now how I got it! The battery cover is missing so no metering but the shutter being fully manual is a great thing. I have an M42/C-Yadapter to use this lens on my Contax SLRs. A good one for sure.

EDIT: I see my 50 is a different series of the Mamiya SLR lenses....still a goodie though!